Things I wish I could tell my mom today (Monday)

1. Started at the new office today and got up at an ungodly hour to beat traffic. Commuting sucks.  But, had two flower deliveries arrive to welcome me to the new digs, so that helps … sorta.

2. Grandma broke her hip last night.  Yes, I’ll keep an eye on flights to go see her and, don’t worry, I told Uncle Brian to just call me for whatever he needs.

3. Am going to cook myself a proper meal tonight.  Come on over and have a bite.  But don’t get used to it.  I’m not planning to start cooking regularly.

4. I love you.

5. I miss you.

Things I wish I could tell my mom today (Sunday)

1. I spent waaay too much money on groceries this afternoon.  Am really displeased at the rising cost of food.  In Malaysia, it costs just as much to eat out as it does to cook at home.  I wish I were in Malaysia.  Grumble, grumble.

2. Dad is getting the hang of txting.  Maybe he can teach you a few tricks.  Snicker, snicker.  Also, you’re funnier when you txt.  You should txt more often.

3. Nancy offended Terry at the jail yesterday.  I know you didn’t check your email so I wanted to make sure you knew.  We both agree - go, Nancer!

4. Mindy made me pancakes this morning and I got to meet the new grandbaby.  He’s living my dream - eat and sleep all day long.  Also, she showed me her new copy of the Dead Sea Scrolls Bible.  Whoa boy.

5. You better check on Aunt Linda.  She messed up her ankle again.  And her bedroom still isn’t painted!  I know, that’d drive me bat-shit-crazy too.

6. Finster is driving me cah-razy!!!  Are you sure you don’t want to take him???  Think how much … fun … he’d be.  Pretty please???

7.  Now Finster is being really cute.  I think I’ll keep him one more day.  You want me to txt you a picture of him being cute?  Come on, yes you do.